Tight Head Composite Drum

204L Tight Head Composite Drum provides the highest mechanical strength of steel drum with extreme chemical resistance of the High Molecular Weight HDPE inner liner. This drum is designed for transport of liquid hazardous goods, including corrosive bromine compounds in UN packaging groups I, II and III, as well as food products.

The drums are producing in a modern automatic plant and are 100% leak tested before shipping.


  • The drum is produced from cold-rolled thin steel sheet compliant with DIN 10130-DC04.

  • Side seam by electrical resistance welding technology.

  • Bottom and top end seaming with triple safety seam.

  • Two rolling or negative hoops, additional reinforced hoops, and corrugations available on request.

  • Processing of steel thicknesses 1.0 mm.

  • The inner liner is produced from high molecular weight HDPE by blow molding and inserting into the steel outer drum.

  • Two safety screw fittings 50mm buttress threaded plastic plugs, made of Polypropylene, on opposite sides of top end for easy filling, emptying, and venting of liquid products.

  • A ¾” steel plug on the top end as an option for venting the outer steel drum.

  • Special rubber gaskets seal the top steel openings, and prevent penetration of water between the outer steel drum and the inner HDPE liner.

  • Exterior: painting in the color of your choice. Different colors on top, bottom and drum body is offered. Top and bottom ends are optionally made of galvanized steel for better corrosion protection.

  • Screen printing on drum body according to customer’s design.

End use

Tight Head Composite Drum is an ideal packaging solution for a wide range of industries such as: Bromine compounds, agrochemicals, food, general inorganic chemicals including acids and alkaline, detergents and cleaning materials, and different hazardous materials of packing group I, II and III.

Technical Data





THickness mm


UN Approval



2" + 2" Buttress