Cylindrical Open Top Steel Drum

Cylindrical Open Top Steel Drum

212L Open Top Steel Drum is ideally suited for the transport of solid hazardous goods in the UN packaging groups II and III, as well as non-hazardous and food liquid products.

The drum is produced in a modern, fully automated plant.



  • The drum is produced from cold-rolled thin sheet compliant with DIN 10130-DC04.Side seam by electrical resistance welding technology.

  • Bottom seaming with triple safety seam.

  • Two rolling or negative hoops, additional reinforced hoops, and corrugations available on request.

  • Processing of varying steel thicknesses: 0.7 mm to 1.0 mm.

  • The drum is equipped with wide opening and closed with suitable steel or galvanized lid and galvanized closure ring with lever locking device. Special gasket is applied on the lid to ensure sealing to drum top opening.

  • Safety screw fittings G2 and G¾, on opposite sides of top lid as an option for easy filling, emptying, and venting of liquid products.

  • Inner surface protection: plain steel, paint, or Epoxy-Phenolic lacquer-lined, suitable for chemicals and food products.

  • Exterior: painting in the color of your choice. Different colors on top, bottom and drum body is offered.

  • Screen printing on drum body according to customer’s design.

End use

Open Top Steel Drum is an ideal packaging solution for a wide range of industries such as: food – in A-Septic or plastic bag, bitumen, hazard solids and powders, and non-hazard liquids.

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