220L Tight Head Plastic Drum

The 220L F1 patented plastic drum is producing under a license from SCHÜTZ, a world leader in the field of industrial plastic packaging.

This drum is suited for the transport of liquid hazardous goods in UN packaging groups II and III, as well as food products, detergent and other chemicals.

The drum is produced in a modern, fully automated plant and are 100% leak tested before shipping.

The innovative design and advanced manufacturing methods give the F1 drum advantages over conventional tight-head drums, and they set new standards in performance and handling.

Suitable for automated filling lines – The bungs are precisely calibrated and the bottom plate, which is optimized for automated filling systems, has excellent stability and handling characteristics.



  • Efficient transport and easy handling – The drum dimensions are optimized for the transport in ISO containers. The stable upper ring and the grip hole in the base guarantee easy handling and can be easily moved with most standard drum grippers.

  • Top plate drainage – A small opening in the handling-ring of the SCHÜTZ F1 prevents liquid from collecting on top of the drum.

  • Best residual draining – The optimized geometry of the upper plate with sloping sides enables residual draining to less than 100 ml (in accordance with VPA) through both bung holes.

  • Best stackability – the upper ring is higher than the top plate, meaning that the weight is transmitted to the drum walls and not to the top, like in conventional drums.

  • Optimum protection of bungs and labels – The bungs and labels are ideal for protecting the drum during a transport and stacking due to the higher upper ring.

These superior characteristics are the result of a patented design and the use of new, highly developed plastics, which further enhances the advantages of the F1 over conventional standard drums:

  • Better performance in drop test under cold conditions

  • Greater impact strength at low temperatures

  • Increased chemical and stress crack resistance

  • Significantly increased stacking stability

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