About Mobilak

Your reliable partner

For more than 40 years Mobilak supply, support and developed packaging products to the Israel leading industrial companies which transport pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, Chemicals and industrial products every day and all over the world in the sea, air and land transportation.


MOBILAK Pharmaceutical Plastic Bottles are approved for direct contact with food according to
CFR 21 and by European Union Regulations. And are listed in FDA DMF #032231.

All raw materials are tested and confirmed to USP 661.2 regulations


Mobilak state of the art production site located at N.A.M Park near Netivot and spread over
36,000 m2.


Mobilak is an Israeli leader responsible to global packaging solutions supplying a broad range of Pharmaceutical and rigid packaging such as Pharmaceutical Bottles, Steel Drums, Plastic Drums, Plastic Containers and IBC’s.